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We are a graphic arts company founded in 1970, specialized in Packaging (luxury packaging), advertising material, blister cards, among others, with the highest quality standards.

Innovation Innovation

We have cutting-edge technology equipment in printing, finishing, die-cutting and gluing, Digital printing machines, and Offset printing machines with conventional inks and UV inks, which allow immediate drying and continuity with the following processes without the need to wait for your next finish. All this to best adjust to the needs of our clients.

The challenge

The need to promote economic development in a sustainable manner became a challenge for GRAFICAS DIAMANTE. For this reason, we have implemented management tools, providing the company with planning methods that allow achieving a balance between economic, social and environmental aspects. In reality, it is a very corporate lifestyle whose goal is the balance between the creation of wealth and the responsible use of different human, material, natural and economic resources, which ensure the continuity of the organization and its long-term positioning. term, in addition to contributing to the progress of the present and future generation.



We have a Comprehensive Management System where quality, environmental, people's health and safety, and social responsibility issues are controlled and used as instruments to be applied to the sustainable development of the organization.

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