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Our company has a strategy of Labor inclusion for people with Disabilities families and Caregivers, the service of the Disability program of the Secretariat of Social and Community Welfare of the Municipality of Envigado supported by Gráficas Diamante SAS, as a response to the problem "Lack of Income Economic ”, prioritized by the population in the diagnosis that supports the Public Policy on Disability and Social Inclusion.

In this initiative, the person with disabilities is the protagonist, the human condition is of vital importance, each of the people who come to this process must understand that their disability is not the reason why a job option is achieved, they must stop aside the attitudes that limit its performance to take on the challenges that today's society imposes on it. Achieving as a result the potentialization of their capabilities and the great contribution as valuable human beings in Diamond Graphics.

General Objective

Lead efforts for the labor inclusion of people with disabilities, through actions that result in the strengthening of profiles and competencies, promoting active participation and empowerment in the search for employment options that, under equal conditions, benefit their quality of life and that of his family.

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