Gráficas diamante

Drip Off

It is the printing process in contrast of glossy and matte UV gloss (orange peel effect).

Lacquer blister

Lacquer that is applied to the cards so that later you can put a bubble in Pet or PVC

Heat Stamping

It is the technique of thermal transfer printing. We stamp with heat with foil tapes on different materials

Printing UV inks 

Papers and cardboard

Development of inks with tests in IGT

It is the preparation of colors starting from a Pantone or a color sample to arrive at the desired color, it is carried out before assembling by machine with instruments simulating printing, in this case an IGT.

Die cut

The Die Cut is a cutting-edge instrument or machine for cutting cardboard under pressure. Die cutting is, for example, one of the main operations in the cardboard packaging manufacturing process.

Lenticular printing

It is a technology also used in 3D screens, through which an illusion of depth is created in printed images, producing the sensation of movement, as the image is viewed from different


Create an elevated layer on the paper or cardboard using metal plates

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